Chalk Lettering Card Design Inpired by Dana Tanamachi

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This time it’s from Dana Tanamachi

I find fascinating the chalk typography technique. I am a big fan of Dana Tanamachi and her chalk style. So I created a tutorial for you to be able to make a chalk typography card!

1. Get the Canvas Ready.

Get a chalk font like “Chalk-hand-lettering-shadded”. Also a chalk background in

With Illustrator, get your brush as chalk scribble, 0.5 its or depending how thick you want your lines and draw a frame and a banner.

Open your chalk background in Photoshop. Set your canvas as 7×5 inches and 300 dpi. Drag your frame and banner from Illustrator to your canvas in Photoshop. It will import as a Vector.

2. Layout the Font

In Photoshop, after you typed your title you will use the tool “Wrap Text” for each word. Wrap your text with Flag, Fisheye and Arch styles. You want to make your letters work together.

3. Elements and Decor

In Illustrator, using your scribble brush, draw decorations that will go around your font, also you can draw a bottom banner as you see in the picture below. I also drew a dotted line for the year 2012. Drag the decorations to your canvas in Photoshop.

4. Shadding

Duplicate your frame layer and fill it with a off white color. I used # f6f2e7

You can wrap more wording at the bottom that will match your bottom banner. I used “Charlemange STD” and “Seaweed Script”.

5. Framing your text

Duplicate the largest frame layer. Select the smallest frame layer. Go back to your duplicated layer and crop the inside. It will create a border. Right click on your layer and click on Blending Options. Add a Pattern Overlay with the Artistic Surfaces Pattern. Opacity at 76.

6. Final Details

Ok we’re getting close to the end! We are going to add a striped border with Illustratoer, using the chalckscribble brush.

Dotted frame using the chalk scribble brush, set it up as

Gaussian blur the text

7. Add Photo

To make this a personalized card, pick your favorite family, couple, baby, or a christmas photo you like, add this photo to the right side of the canvas. Place it next to the beautiful art you just created and send it to print!!

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This card will be available at where you can select your photo and print it at any Target Store in the USA for a really great price!