Our process

Empathize Illustration
Define Illustration
Ideate Illustration


It may seem good in your mind but sharing the idea or story is always the best method of understanding the big picture. We start with all possibilities and soon find ourselves with what is the best solution.


Here is where we define the problems and navigate what we have learned through connecting to the heart of the story. What are we trying to solve with our online resources.


So this is the gravy. We are excited to tackle the problem that we have defined or confirmed. We gather data, people and understanding of resources together to come up with the optimal solution.

Prototype Illustration
Test Illustration


Now that we have clarified the solution it makes building, researching or prototyping way more streamline. Many people start with this step and that is where they fail. When you start in this phase you waste time, resources and your own strength and it can truly be exhausting.


Testing the functionality of the prototype (website, product, application) through analytics and funneling campaigns is when you are ready to show the world what you have created. Having finished all the other steps successfully has given us a clear process for your specific needs and you are now able to use this process to save time and money.

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